Why Choose Smoke Detector For Safeguarding Your Building?

Living in a building that has been constructed with numbers of electronic material with complicated structures. This could induce the danger of short circuit which could even result in a high level of the fire incident. To be on the safe side, the smoke detector is the best option to go with and prevention of loss of lives can be possible. Smoke detector helps in keeping your workplace and homes safe from fire and warns the public immediately to allow them to escape out. Qutak Security Devices has been counted among the top-rated Smoke Detector Dealer and Supplier for smoke detectors that are made of newer technologies. 

This blog will explain how the smoke detector works in safeguarding people as well as property and what are the different types of smoke detectors available. The smoke detector produces a nasty sound by alarming much before a fire develops and spreads resulting in preventing much destruction to lives and property. A smoke detector gets activated or triggered when the presence of any sort of smoke is detected in the air. This sends signals to the fire alarm attached to it and alerts the public about the incident by alarming loudly and continuously. 

Smoke detectors are effective even towards a small amount of smoke is traveling in the air as these are quite sensitive and due to which sometimes in many cases, the false alarm can be produced. Smoke detectors when fitted onto the ceilings of the walls as the hot gases generated by fire are much lighter than the air and travels towards the upward direction. The detection of smoke-producing fire is completed with the different mechanisms with the following two types of detectors, namely photoelectric and ionization chamber. These are described briefly below: 

Photoelectric smoke detector: This smoke detector is designed in such a way that there is a wide opening at the bottom of the device which allows the smoke to travel directly to the detection chamber. There are infrared light beams travels across the chamber which gets interrupted when the smoke reaches out there. This causes the hindrance to the process of light falling on the photocell and when no electric current is produced, a notifying sound alerting that something is wrong in that area is sirened. Photoelectric detectors respond best towards the slow-burning fire. 

Ionization smoke detector: These detectors functions differently to those of photoelectric ones and the bigger difference lies in its design. Ionization chamber located inside the detector is filled with ions and a tiny radioactive material is placed inside the chamber that emits radioactive and alpha particles. When the fire outbreak occurs, it results in the blockage of the ionization chamber and the flow of electric current suddenly stops. This triggers the alarm associated with the detector and notifies the public about the mishappening of upcoming danger. These detectors are best suitable for flaming fires that burst out suddenly. 

There is a third detector that is thought to be above these two detectors and holds the qualities of both ionization and photoelectric detector. This is highly recommended due to the basic reason that fire does not give prior notice about its occurrence and what kind of fire it will end with. Therefore a combination of both the detector can help out with more positive outcomes towards the safeguarding of the lives of the people in the areas. 

How smoke detectors are different from heat detectors?

Though both are involved in detecting fire and notifying the people around for the forthcoming danger. However, their basic mechanism is different and their use is bounded to different places. Heat detectors are suitable in those areas where the air is already equipped with smoke, dust, moisture, humidity, steam as these won’t allow the smoke detector to perform its functioning properly. 

Qutak has been dealing and manufacturing the highest quality of smoke detectors from a long time as their priority is to provide their clients with an assurance of their safety towards the forthcoming danger. Along with smoke detectors, Qutak also provides the best quality fire alarms that are to be attached with the detectors to notify the people around and Qutak has successfully built their name as the best Fire Alarm Manufacturer.