Build Up a Safer Place To Work With Fire Panels Installation

With the increasing globalization and urbanization, the lives are dependent on electronic things and automatically functioning devices. Though these have their own advantages like providing easiness to perform a task in less time and with appropriate effectiveness. With these electric appliances, the chances of fire increases which require proper attention. For small scale buildings like clinics, houses, or shops fire detectors and fire alarms are sufficient to alert the public about the dangerous fire. Whereas, for large scale production or residential or commercial areas, the large unit of fire alarm namely fire alarm panels are designed. The devices being manufactured and designed especially for fire safety have to pass several tests for its proper functioning and reduces the loss to people, however still having 100% trust in technology is stupidity. After reading this piece of article, you will learn the importance of fire alarm panel safety devices in the building of thousands of residents being residing inside. You will also get to know the top Fire Alarm Panel manufacturer and dealer in the city.

The fire alarm panel can be defined as a  device that merges numerous fire alarms fixed in different zones in the building and notify the people with their loud noise speakers. The main advantage of fire alarm panel is its notifying technique that indicates zone wise status of the detectors and their proper functioning. The fire alarm panel is the device that has a complicated structure with a huge number of sockets for connecting different types of fire detectors of different corners of the building. In simple words, a fire alarm can be described as a model that takes the signals from the detectors and notify the residents or employees in the building with a proper indication of the place that is affected by the fire. A fire alarm panel works in providing information to the public about the danger of fire or its possibility in the building in order to let the people save their life and stop the fire from harm the entire building. 

Fire alarm panel works 24*7 and requires frequent maintenance and timely battery replacement. Though this device works on electricity supply, however, timely confirmation of its proper functioning is necessary to be done to ensure that the performance level of the device remains constant as it was after the manufacturing and servicing. 

What makes Qutak’s fire alarm panel different from others?

Below described are some important key features of the fire alarm panel that is being designed and manufactured by Qutak that makes it unique from other manufacturers 

  • The fire alarm panel is designed with the regulations in IS 2189 and is thoroughly tested under the standards of ERTL (N). 
  • The fire alarm consumes less electrical power which is approximately 220V AC, 50Hz much less than other brands offered in the market. 
  • The fire alarm panel holds enough space for SMF battery and more than 25 detectors can be attached making it acceptable for large unit areas.
  • The compatibility of the fire alarm panel with fire detection devices is quite impressive and effective.  
  • It’s easy to use and fixing or removing any detector to the fire alarm panel unit makes its installation easy. 

With the approaching advancement in the list of security devices, fire alarm panel has gained the place of an important and necessary device one should get installed during construction of its building with a larger population residing or working in it. Qutak has successfully reached to the position of best Fire Alarm Manufacturer in Delhi due to the hard work of its team and their dedication towards the need of their clients. The team at Qutak addresses their new customers and fixed clients about the running and demanding devices in the market with their upgraded versions of products. The places where the fire control unit has been mandatory includes the areas with a huge population such as schools, hospitals, residential and commercial society, public places like parks, museums, railway tracks, and many others. Qutak is also well-known for dealing and supplying other security products including fire extinguishers, emergency lights and signages, fire control units, gong bells, sirens, and industrial hooters.