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Warning Tape


We are one of the Prominent Manufacturers, Suppliers and exporter of a quality range of Warning Tapes, which is made up of superior qualitypolymers. Warn-ing/Caution/Barricade tapes alert the public to a dan-ger zone and gives clear instruction about author-ity. These tapes areappreciated for high quality stand-ards. These tapes are quite influential in quickly warn-ing the excavation crews of the existence of buried pipes and cables before damage could actually occur.These Warning, Barricade & Caution Safety Tapes are perfect for lane marking and hazard identification and these tapes are widely used inunder-ground facility like gas pipeline, Construction safety, electrical & telecom cables and oil pipelines & water pipeline and others. It can also be used to identify and barricade hazardous areas or elements above & below the ground and can warn of physical hazards &dangers such as low pipes, ceilings, steps & doorways. When applied to trucks, forklifts & other vehicles, it increases hazard awareness. They offer an economical, disposable marking solution and can be tied, stapled or nailed to posts, fences or metal barricades.


Feature        :Heat Resistant, Waterproof
Size              :1 inch, 2 inch, 3 inch
Thickness     :100 micron
Width            :50mic to 500mic
Color             :Yellow and Red
Material        :Polyethylene

Warning Tape
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