Give Safety First Priority With Appropriate Heat Detector

There is one thing from which every individual is feared and that is FIRE. As fire brings disastrous damage to it harming both the lives of the people and loss to property. The science and technology has stepped forward in this regard with the invention of fire detectors before they take the form of a huge fire. There have been many cases of fire which could be prevented and controlled, however, due to lack of safety equipment the hazard happened. One such fire detector is a heat detector that detects the fire via the heat produced by it and the best Heat Detector Supplier in the town is Qutak Security devices. 

Heat detectors are the detective of the security system which keeps an eye on the increasing temperature of the room with its heat-sensing power. These are fixed onto the rooftop of the room as the heat is best detected in this direction by these heat detectors. When anything causes fire, for example, any item got burnt in the room, the fire before taking a face of flames produces heat in the room which eventually increases the temperature of the room resulting in the sirening of the alarm present in the body of the heat detector and a nasty noise is produced depicting that there could be a prediction to the fire in the area. This causes alertness and awareness in the public about the fire danger and control measures that can be taken regarding saving the lives of the fire danger. For more effectiveness, these detectors are connected to the main fire control unit and alert people more clearly and loudly about which place have chances to be attacked by fire. 

Salient features of a heat detector:

  • The heat detector is operated with a minimum of 10.8 ~ 30 voltage DC that means it does not consume much power in saving the lives of the people.
  • The frequency of blinking light is 3-5 seconds, this is important to keep a watch whether the detector is in its active state as blinking indicates its activeness. 
  • In case you have to reset the detector, it takes the minimal time of 1 second to reset to its original functioning.  
  • The sound pitch is adjustable and can be increased or decreased through mobile apps. 

Types of heat detectors:

Rate of rising heat detector: These types of heat detectors are best towards the rapid increase in temperature or fast-developing fire. 

Fixed temperature heat detector: These kinds of heat detectors detects the slow-developing fire in the room 

Working of heat detectors: 

When something gets burns due to a little spark, it starts producing heat in the room which at once is felt by the heat detector and it gives a signal to the fire alarm or the main fire control panel about something wrong had happened in the zone. To alert the people within the room, it produces a nasty sound so that people do not leave stuck within the fire and leave the room before the fire harm, anyone.

How heat detector is different from the smoke detector?

Some people are confused with the choice of a smoke detector and heat detector. As they both detect fire, however, their method of the mechanism is different from each other. This can be explained as a smoke detector detects the smoke developed before the fire spreads whereas the heat detector detects the increase in the temperature of the area as some fire spreads without giving any hint from the smoke. Though both detectors are effective in their own aspects and both have different regions to be used for their working. A smoke detector can produce siren if any dust particles, moisture, steam, or humidity enters the chamber of the detector which may cause fake alertness. On the other hand, the heat detector’s functioning is not affected by any of these hindrances. Qutak Security Devices has been at the first position when it comes to deciding based on the evaluation among the Fire Alarm System Manufacturers nearby. The professionals at Qutak are indulged in not only selling but also designing the high-graded security products for the safety of the public.