Save Lives From Fire Incidents With Smoke Detector

Why live a risky life when it can be lived risk-free with various threat-detecting devices for your family safety? There have been numerous incidents that could harm your families or employees. Some of them can be prevented from being causing huge damage to the people and properties of the building and one of them that could be controlled is fire. It has been reported that fire is the most disastrous condition that harms more volume of people and property even not controlled before time. Fire comes without any alarm but it could be felt at its initial stage with the help of smoke detectors and its alarm could help the people to save their lives. Qutak is one of the accountable and well-known Smoke Detector Supplier and Dealer in Delhi whom you can trust for the best products. 

A smoke detector is a device in the list of security devices which performs the functioning of detecting upcoming fire at its initial period and let the people escape out from the area before something wrong happen. According to a survey, it was found that with the help of smoke detectors even the damage due to fire could be reduced to the minimum and even most of the conditions were controlled before it could convert into the face of a vast fire. Smoke detectors are usually fixed onto the top wall to improve its functioning as the smoke giving birth to fire travels upwards. These days wireless smoke detectors are in heavy demand because of its control over mobile phones even when the member is not near the surrounding of the area. 

Salient Features That a Wireless Smoke Detector Holds Include:

  1. The material used for constructing this device is poly-styrene plastic that is resistant to smoke or fire. 
  2. As the name suggests, it does not require any wiring system for its connectivity to the electricity or any control unit. 
  3. The smoke detector operates on the minimum of 9V alkaline battery which is rechargeable and needs to be replaced after 10-11 years. 
  4. A test button is already present on the body in order to check its activeness.
  5. The area which it could cover efficiently for detecting smoke is 4.5 m with 10-11 feet of height.
  6. The blinking after every 30-35 second indicates that the smoke detector is in its functioning state. 

Qutak gives end-to-end solutions to the safety issues by its high-grade smoke detector, the best fire detector device. The professional uses high-quality approved spare parts and raw materials with different specifications. Our clients include corporate offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping complexes, multinational companies, industries, or nursing homes and we provide them with their exact demands for the security devices. The list of products in which Qutak deals with includes gong bells, fire extinguishers, burglar alarms, fire alarm control panel, emergency lights, or signages. You can find the top Security Devices in India under the brand name of “Qutak” at a reasonable price.