Wondering To Buy Hand-Operated Siren To Add In The Bucket Of Security Devices?

As we have jumped to a higher level of advancement in technology and its products still some old structured devices are more useful in many areas and a hand-operated siren is one of these. Still looking for a hand-operated siren, then you have clicked on the right website as Qutak is one of the finest hand-operated siren manufacturers you could find in the city.

Initially, the invention of siren begins with a hand-operated siren itself which was meant for building communication among the large troops of armies while their training. This has played a crucial role at that time for alerting the troops about weather conditions, training sessions, or war announcement became easier and quicker. Though at some places where the frequent movement is required in the defense areas, hand-operated sirens are chosen as the means of alerting or communicating. No maintenance charge and no electricity supply is required which makes its cost negligible as compared to the newer techniques of sirens. These sirens work on manual power which should be available every time to announce any emergency situation or spread any announcement. 

The areas where these sirens are most commonly found are the village areas where electricity supply is minimum or equivalent to no supply as an electric siren requires sufficient power supply to work and even charge their batteries. Besides in the areas with no or minimal electrical supply, hand-operated sirens could be seen in some common areas like in school assembly or moving rails or defense training areas. 

Salient features: 

With the limited sound range, the person has to carry the siren from corner to corner in order to spread the announcement to each person. The pitch of the sound can be adjusted manually as a rotating disc is adjusted on the mouth of the siren to increase or decrease the pitch. It is portable and can be carried from place to place with ease. No effect of reconstructing or modifying the building on the siren as it does not require any installation to the walls. It’s easy to use and any person can make the use when the appointed person is not present at the time of emergency.  

How hand-operated siren is different from electrical siren?

  1. Hand-operated siren requires manpower to work. On the other hand, the electrical siren can be linked to the mobiles and laptops which allow the person to make it function even when he is not nearby. 
  2. Hand-operated siren does not work on the mechanism of fixed information to share and any information can be announced at any time. On the other hand, an electrical siren requires a pre-installation program on a mobile or computer system to feed the information before time. 
  3. Hand-operated siren is useful in any condition while electrical siren has limited its functioning due to the power supply required for its performance. 
  4. The accuracy level is a bit lesser in the hand-operated one than the electrical siren as a man is a statue of mistakes that could lead to the missed announcement which are negligible in the case of an electric siren. 
  5. Electrical siren is the upgraded version of a hand-operated siren as the basic functioning of these sirens is to spread information among the crowd of the people like schools, colleges, hospitals, railways, airports, and many others. 

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