Why To Depend On Electricity For Safeguarding Lives?

Even though technology has gained a high peak still there are some areas where it has not been found to its utmost level. The main example is the distribution of electricity in cities and villages areas, which makes it difficult for villagers to use all other technologies efficiently. Pneumatic and electronic sirens are difficult to be used in such areas where electricity supply is not available for more than a few hours. To overcome this fact, we are still producing good quality and effectively performing hand-operated sirens so that the alertness can be spread on time to such areas too. Qutak has been counted among the few top-rated Hand Operated Siren Manufacturer in the town due to their efficiently designed and manufactured security devices. 

Hand-operated siren is the device that allows to let the people to get alerted about any important notification or upcoming dangerous hazardous conditions. These were specially designed for the same purpose for the first time and initially were mostly used for defense activities such as training the troops, communicating with a large number of troops and make it easy to gather them in a short duration. Hand-operated sirens could also be named as hand crank siren as only manual power is required to operate it.

Each hand-operated siren is fitted with a motor inside the body that drives the shaft which later on is attached to a rotor/fan/chopper on both the ends. Upon turning the main head manually, these sirens produce a sound that gets louder on every turn. There are blades that are attached to the body which force air through the slots inside the rotor and the plates present interrupts the airflow. Due to this mechanism only, the rarefied is produced and compressed air pressure is released that produces a high pitch sound enough to let people within 1 km to listen without any deafening and irritating effect.

Salient features of the hand-operated siren:

  • The sound pitch of this siren is low which does not annoy the public as like electronic sirens do. 
  • These sirens do not consume energy supply which reduces the maintenance cost and is less costly and more affordable than the electronic ones. 
  • Made up of rust-free and can be used openly in any condition of weather. 
  • These sirens are easy to transport from one place to another as these are not fixed onto the surface as like electronic one. 
  • The sound produced by these sirens could reach up to 0.5 km to 1 km and does not count much in noise pollution. 

Meanwhile, these sirens have one advantage over that pneumatic/electric sirens, these are easy to portable and do not use a bit amount of electricity or power supply. These sirens are best when to communicate with a small volume of people residing in a particular zone. As human power is used which could be more convenient to build up the communication more easy and effective. Our team has been progressively trying to make their customers feel secure with their high-grade Security Devices in Delhi. Their main focus is on the quality and efficiency of the devices they manufacture and sell in the market as they aim to make the people feel safe and help their parents or near one to be safe even when they are not present around. Other important devices, which are best produced by Qutak includes fire alarms, fire alarm control panels, fire detectors such as heat detector, smoke detector, flame detectors, sirens, and many others. Enjoy the benefit of the hand-operated siren by purchasing it from our shop, Qutak Security Devices.